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Polycarboxylic antiscale and dispersant

IR-3100 Carboxylate Sulfonate Nonion


IR-3100 Carboxylate Sulfonate Nonion Tri-polymer is a good scale inhibitor and dispersant for cool water treatment, IR3100 has good inhibition for dry or hydrated ferric oxide. IR-3100 is a all organic dispersant and scale inhibitor, it can be also used as stabilizer of corrosion inhibitor for phosphate and phosphinic salt. (Similiar to RohmHaas ACUMER 3100)


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Appearance Light amber liquid
Solid content % 43.0-44.0
Density (20℃)g/cm3 1.15min
pH(1% water solution) 2.1-2.6


IR-3100 Carboxylate Sulfonate Nonion Tri-polymer can be used as scale inhibitor for circulating cool water and boiler water, for phosphate, zinc ion and ferric in particular. When IR3100 used alone, the dosage of 10-30mg/L is preferred. When used in other fields, the dosage should be determined by experiment.

Dispersant and stabilizer that can be used in cooling water programs. IR3100 terpolymer excels in harsh cooling water conditions, such as extremely high or low Ryznar Indexes, high iron concentrations, high levels of zinc or phosphate added as treatment to the system. IR-3100 Carboxylate Sulfonate Nonion Tri-polymer is particularly recommended in advanced all-organic programs. IR-3100 Carboxylate Sulfonate Nonion Tri-polymer can maintain excellent heat transfer by its exceptional dispersancy and, in addition, will help corrosion inhibition by controlling film formation of the organic corrosion inhibitors onto metal surfaces.

Package and Storage:

200L plastic drum,IBC(1000L),customers’ requirement. Storage for ten months in shady room and dry place.


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