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Cleaning and Pretreatment Filming Agent

Cleaning Agent: Deoiling Detergent, IR-706 Pretreatment Filming Agent: IR-701, Solid Pretreatment Filming Agent

Instruction: Deoiling Detergent is specially used for stripping and cleaning oil contaminations. IR-706 is mainly for removing the scale. Its deoiling effect is mainly for the residual grease after system overhauling or new systems.

Introduction for Some Cleaning and Pretreatment Filming Agent

Cleaning Agent and Pretratment Filming Agent: IR-701 Nonstop Cleaning and Pretreatment Filming Agent
IR-701 is composed of chelating, detergent, dispersant and pretreatment filming agent. It has properties of fast cleaning, quick filming, film eneization, and low corrosion ratio. It is not affected by ferric and copper ions in pretreatment filming, especially suitable to be used in nonstop cleaning of circulating water system.

Cleaning Agent,Oil Remover: IR-706 Deoiling Detergent
IR-706 is composed of chelating, cleaning, ing, dispersant and penetrating agent. It is a good deoiling detergent with properties of deoiling, descaling and cleaning. IR-706 can effectively remove the scale, oil film and emulsified oil. IR-706 is compatible with phosphorus series scale and corrosion inhibitors.

Pretratment Filming Agent: IR-707 Pretreatment Filming Agent
IR-707 is composed of chelating agent, dispersant, pretreatment filming and surfactant. The chelating agent can chemically adsorb ferric and calcium, forming a hard film on metal surface. It has the advantages of quick filming, film homogeneization, chemical stable and low corrosion ratio. It can be used as pretreatment filming agent for equipment and pipeline of new system or after heavy repair. IR-707 is not affected by copper and ferric ions in water system.

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